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Updated version April 24, 2020

On April 21, 2020, the Senate of Berlin decided that no public events may take place in theatres, concert halls and opera houses until July 31, 2020, regardless of their size. This is intended to help contain the further spread of the coronavirus.
For the Ballhaus Ost this means that our season – at least as far as live performances in our theatre space in Pappelallee are concerned – has unfortunately come to an early end. A series of productions that we would have been very much looking forward to – among others by Zintel | Zybowski, Hysterisches Globusgefühl, cmd+c, Ant Hampton | Rita Pauls, Prinzip Gonzo, Danny Goodman, KLARA Theaterproduktionen, New Star Dance Company, Opera Lab Berlin and Costa Compagnie – could not and cannot take place as planned for the time being. Also this year’s edition of the Performing Arts Festival Berlin including the newcomer platform Introducing… will look completely different from what many people have prepared with a lot of forerun and hard work.
This all makes us very sad. But also for us the global task of jointly and solidarily containing the virus and its effects has top priority at the moment.
As for all other sectors and areas of society, however, ways should be sought as quickly as possible for art and culture and their protagonists and institutions to guarantee their continued existence and to enable them to continue their work under the changed conditions that may still apply for some time to come.
It is also important to us that the bundled attention to the corona situation does not cause other political situations that pose a massive threat to human life to lose focus. This currently applies in particular to the situation of refugees at the external borders of the European Union.

The Ballhaus Ost and the artists associated with it are trying to continue working artistically with the possibilities currently available and to make this work accessible to the public. As part of these efforts, three Shutdown Specials have been created so far (#1, #2, #3). More will follow. You can find information on this page, via our newsletter and via our social media channels.

For updates on the situation, especially with regard to venues and players in the independent performing arts, we refer to the excellent work of the LAFT Berlin as well as the Berlin and nationwide interest groups and associations Dachverband Tanz, ZTB Berlin, BfDK e. V., Koalition der Freien Szene and ZMB.

Regarding the refund of already purchased tickets, our ticket provider Reservix will actively contact you. Due to the high number of event cancellations and postponements, the processing time may be longer. We therefore ask for your patience and understanding, also in the name of Reservix.

Please take care of your health and the health of your environment – also with respect to social health. When absence from work is no existential threat because of social safeguards, time and energy for solidarity is created.

Take good care of each other, see you soon,
Your Ballhaus Ost

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