Fan Fic 3 –
A Hey A Ma Ma Ma!

Robert Ssempijja
Fan Fic Festival

March 14, 2019, 7.00 pm
March 16, 2019, 10.00 pm

Day ticket: 15 | 10 Euros
Festival pass for all 4 days: 40 | 25 Euros


Festival overview


Techniques of retelling and overwriting have a long tradition in Uganda and are part of everyday culture. Famous examples are the films from Wakaliwood or the current musical sensation Nyege Nyege. The label releases tracks in which musical forms from all over the world are mixed together and extended. And many contemporary choreographies are based on the trailer videos of international companies – because the online footage is often the only possibility for Ugandan dancers to follow the international scene.
The dance piece A Hey A Ma Ma Ma! shows how the postcolonial situation is influencing the culture in western and African countries. It questions the notion of the terms »traditional« and »contemporary« dance in Uganda as well as in Africa as a continent. The performers play with the stereotypical images that exist in western countries of how black people from Africa move and behave and try to deconstruct and rewrite those images in order to reveal the underlying power structures.

Robert Ssempijja is an emerging Ugandan contemporary dance artist and dance researcher. He is schooled in techniques from Burkina Faso and has recently completed his diploma in dance at École des Sables in Senegal. His choreographies are a combination of Ugandan traditional dance, breakdance and techniques of contemporary dance and based on the assumption that our bodies are comprised of archives of information which are activated when it comes to movement. Robert has worked on three different continents, with various companies, projects and choreographers. He is also the founder of Dance Revolution East Africa.
Kaddu Michael Gagawala ist a Ugandan professional dancer in contemporary/urban dance with a very strong base in Ugandan traditional dances. 13 years of experience teaching beginners, intermediate and master dance classes in Uganda, Rwanda, Germany, Switzerland, USA and Sweden. An active member of Keiga Dance Company. Working as the Assistant technical director in charge of rehearsals, a young Choreographer at the National Theater of Uganda also working with different organs. FIDA Uganda, Ewaka Foundation and Yoga for sustainable development.

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by and with Michael Gagawala Kaddu, Robert Ssempijja, Christoph Winkler

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