A or B – performative concert with 7 performers, objects, live-video and participating audience

Steffi Weismann | Maulwerker

© Julia Cremers

Premiere June 16, 2021
June 17 | 18, 2021
8.00 pm

The performance on June 18 will also be shown as a free livestream.

13 | 9 Euros
(Only person-related online tickets, no box office. In addition to the basic ticket price, the provider Reservix charges a 10% sales commission fee and a service fee of 2,- Euro when purchasing tickets.)


A or B, either-or, left or right. Binarity assumes symmetries and creates counter-positions. What happens when these are reinforced or dissolved? This new scope disrupts habitual bodily experiences and reveals simultaneously how subjectively we perceive the world.
With this audiovisual composition, Steffi Weismann draws from her long term intermedial practice that employs amplified objects and performative music. Voices and actions are quadraphonically spatialized and connect tactile processes with hearing and seeing. Initially, visitors* move individually through an interactive route until they take a seat on one of the two sides of the audience area. In the live situation, the combination of text, sound and image opens up real and imaginary spaces. The performance revolves around changing perspectives and the corporeal presence of the audience and performers.

Steffi Weismann crosses the border between visual art and music. Her focus is on audio performances, mixed media compositions, interactive sound installations and interventions in public spaces. Her working methods and the structure of her works are dialogical at their core and reference the fluxus tradition. Weismann connects bodies, things and sounds in space. The settings of her works are performative, combining analog and digital means. In recent years, the transfer of tactile experiences into sonic processes has played a central role in her works. Maulwerker a vocal ensemble — music performers — music theater-makers — a composers’ collective. They are specialists at the intersection of music and theater and music and language, they operate where music and space, sound and silence interpenetrate. In addition to the classics of new (vocal) music and experimental music theater, the Maulwerker repertoire focuses on more recent trends, and therefore on active collaboration with composers, radio dramatists, sound artists and directors, as well as on works created by members of the ensemble itself. A lively workshop and teaching activity accompanies their work.

Duration: approx. 70 minutes
Performance in German and English

Performance Özgür Erkök-Moroder, Fernanda Farah, Lorena Izquierdo, Ariane Jessulat, Henrik Kairies, Christian Kesten, Katarina Rasinski Composition, choreography, stage, video Steffi Weismann Costumes Dorothee Scheiffarth Light Ruth Waldeyer Sound Matthias Erian Performance in the video Tilmann Walzer, Lorena Izquierdo, Senta Weismann Multichannel programming Annette Krebs Assistance Marta Zaparoli, Julia Cremers, Georg Klein Technical direction Björn Stegmann, Fabian Eichner PR Sascha Wolters Production management Vilém Wagner

A production by Steffi Weismann and Maulwerker in cooperation with Ballhaus Ost. Funded by the Hauptstadtkulturfonds, with support from Errant Sound e. V.