Autistic Games

Tobas Yyes Zintel | Przemek Zybowski and ensemble

© Robert Funke

Premiere September 13, 2021
8.00 pm

Available online until September 27, 2021

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On the basis of his sensitive yet distant observation of his autistic brother, the visual artist and director Tobias Yves Zintel explored in his film work »Mental Radio« (2012) the incursion of the radically different, of that which cannot be semanticised, into the sheltered space of the family.
In Autistic Games, Zintel now collaborates with the psychiatrist and author Przemek Zybowski in a renewed analysis of the spectrum that opens up between the poles of »healthy« and »ill«. In biographical detail, the piece gives form to the relationship of a »sick« brother to his family, a portrait of the social figure of the autistic person as an allegory for the statement of the unutterable in current public discourse.

Duration: 45 min
In German and English with German and English subtitles

Performance Juno Meinecke, Lulu Obermayer, Janet Rothe, Tamara Saphir, Rasmus Slätis, Simo Vassinen Direction Tobias Yves Zintel Author Przemek Zybowski Stage and costume design Sabina Moncys Sound Anh Chi Trinh Light design, technical direction Fabian Eichner Assistant director Kallia Kefala Stage and costume assistance Mara Gruß Production management Annett Hardegen

A production by Tobas Yyes Zintel | Przemek Zybowski in cooperation with Ballhaus Ost. Funded by the Capital Cultural Fund and the Pankow District Office of Berlin, Office for Advanced Education and Culture – Department of Art and Culture.

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