Fan Fic 1 –

Marc Bausback & Daniela Dröscher
Fan Fic Festival

Space installation, throughout the entire festival

Day ticket: 15 | 10 Euros
Festival pass for all 4 days: 40 | 25 Euros


Festival overview


Come and see! Wonderous word beings! Phenomenal fantasy phrases! In the arena and on the trapeze: »Patriot«, »Honour«, »Home«, »Alternative« and »Élite«. A never-before-seen German exhibition. Jamais vu and deja vu at the same time! Bizarreties is a series of prints that, in the style of 19th century carnival posters, snatch right-conservative concept from their brown claws and announce them as fantastic creatures. In the tradition of the Dadaist resistance graphic artist John Heartfield the Ballhaus Ost will be covered with word sculptures.

The author Daniela Dröscher and the artist Marc Bausback has developed a sociologically piece of art, to decipher the civic phenomenon in their madeness and becoming. Daniela Dröscher recently released an autobiographical memoir »Zeige Deine Klasse« (Hoffmann und Campe) and Marc Bausbacks sculpture performance »Contest of Cool« will premiere in Ballhaus Ost in May. For Bizarrerien they had support from the artist and graphic artist Leonard Neumann (LSD Berlin).

by and with Marc Bausback, Daniela Dröscher, Leonard Neumann

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