Open call: Theater film festival at Ballhaus Ost from June 17 to 19, 2022


Over the last years, there have been many concepts and projects dedicated to the presentation of theater, performance, dance projects, etc. that transcend the analog space and can be subsumed under the genre of the »Theaterfilm«. This has resulted in films of performances and performative films, videos, essays, digital, intermedial, interactive and a number of other formats. Ballhaus Ost would now like to offer up to ten of these works the opportunity of further evaluation within the framework of a film festival. From June 17 to 19, 2022, we will therefore organize a festival for theatrical films. We’re rededicating our theater into a temporary film festival house to bring your films from home devices to the big screen.

To make this happen, we’re looking for your contribution:

If you have developed and produced a cinematic theater work in the last few years (from 01.01.2020) and it has already been publicly shown in some form (online or offline), then apply to us. We are looking for a wide variety of formats (see above) as well as all lengths of films (short film, medium-length film, feature length). Only stage recordings (even if filmed from two or more perspectives) are excluded. A jury of five persons with different expertise will select up to ten positions for the three-day film program from all entries. There will also be a supporting program.

Please send us a link to your film and an announcing text about the work or any other information that you think is relevant for the jury to view by May 20, 2022. For the presentation of the films and, if applicable, the presence of the artists at the festival, expense allowances can be paid. The amount will be decided depending on funds available.
Please send your application with a cover letter to film @

If you would like to represent the audience’s perspective in the jury, review the submissions and shape the festival program, then apply to us. You should have time for the screenings and jury meetings in the end of May and be available for the festival weekend June 17-19. Expense allowances for the jury work can be paid.
As an application please send a mail by May 20, 2022 to film @

We are looking forward to your submissions!
The BHO Film Team

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