June 06 | 07, 2018
Within the framework of Performing Arts Festival Berlin 2018


DÆC is an extensive performance tackling the greatest societal change of the past fifty years: The Digitization. One part of the performance The AE analyses the past and the consequences of technological changes and our understanding of the world and human identity via a video narrative. At the same time, four performers speculate about the future of networks. The other part DOC focuses on the present: The infrastructure of the internet and big data form the central point of interest. Approaching these abstract components of the world transforms the secret life of data into a physical experience: with with TENS devises, video-installations, performative actions and a commented wellness treatment.

Performance in German and English.

»The AE«:
Performance Max Gadow, Romina Küper, Antje Prust, Alina Weber Voice Virginia Hartmann Direction, concept, text Janne Nora Kummer Dramaturgy, text Fee Römer, Sven Björn Popp Stage design Angela Ribera Costume design Josa Marx Sound, Komposition Johannes Aue Video Adrian Ganea Direction assistant, production Finja Schmidt Stage assistant Chika Takabayashi

by and with Max Gadow, Adrian Ganea, Christopher Heisler, Hannah Müller, Sven Björn Popp Production Lea Connert

»The AE« is a production of virtuellestheater in cooperation with the School of Dramatic Arts »Ernst Busch« and Ballhaus Ost. Supported by the German Theatrical Association.
»DOC« is a production of virtuellestheater in coproduction with Treibstoff Basel and Ballhaus Ost.

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