Dirty Debut – S2#5 pain killer

Djibril Sall | Nastja Antonenko | Fjóla Gautadóttir & Suvi Kemppainen | Else Tunemyr & Liina Magnea

© Josephin Hanke | Fjóla Gautadóttir, Suvi Kemppainen | Else Tunemyr | Robert Bader

February 14, 2020


In 2020, Dirty Debut comes to Ballhaus Ost and continues a four-part series of events that promotes the debut presentation of sketchy, unfinished, in short: dirty performances. Dirty Debut is not only about increasing the visibility of emerging performance artists; it also wants to bring together the entire spectrum of the performance landscape on the same stage. Each evening, four 20-minute performances will be performed. Afterwards, there will be an opportunity to toast the artists* and their work at a joint dinner.
Interested emerging artists apply with a project draft of max. 2000 characters and their curriculum vitae. The application condition is that they are at the starting point of an artistic practice, which should not exceed one professionally prepared production. Further developments of university theses are welcome, but no student project proposals.
A jury will select four drafts from all applications, whose artistic approach and qualitative claim will be judged to be independent and promising. The invited performance makers* will receive a small budget for production, minimal stage design, materials and transportation.

Presented works:
»Pliable« (Djibril Sall)

Djibril Sall (b. 1994) is a performer, choreographer, and writer based in Berlin. Originally born in Dakar, Senegal and emigrating to Memphis, TN USA at five years old, their work is informed by their life as a first-generation queer migrant and their experience with adolescent cancer. They received their BA in Dance from Wesleyan University and they have presented talks at the New School in New York City, Sophiensaele in Berlin, and Dansens Hus in Oslo. In 2019, they received the danceWEB Scholarship in Vienna.

»NudE NuNs w/BiG GuNs« (Nastja Antonenko, Josephin Hanke, Lucky Hole, Bo Thomas, Laurean Wagner)
Nastja Antonenko is a video and performance artist based in Berlin. From »un-professional« production of NSFW animation to performance practice — her personal work revolves around censored human bodies and the default fear of desire. Apart from that she has been performing for such respectable artists as performance Group The Agency and Thomas Bo Nilsson. 2019 she graduated Weissensee Art Academy.

»cut me glass | you’re so fucking peinlich« (Fjóla Gautadóttir & Suvi Kemppainen)
Fjóla Gautadóttir, aka Lemonboy, is an Icelandic Performer, Sound Designer and DJ (resident and co-founder of BUTTERS). She graduated from the National Ballet School of Iceland, later went to the LungA School and finished a BA in Dance and Choreography from HZT Berlin in the summer of 2019. Recently she has worked as a sound designer for the »Horror of Intimacy« trilogy, by and with Ivan Ekemark, Layton Lachman and Caroline Alexander. As a dancer and performer Fjola has worked with and for Diego Agulló, Sheena McGrandles and as part of the Swedish JUCK collective as well as Berlin based T.E.N.T. collective.
Suvi Kemppainen is a choreographer and performer based in Berlin. Her artistic practice is anchored in the physical body and is situated in non-bodily textures through intersectional feminist queer theory. After graduating as a dancer in Finland from North Karelia College Outokumpu she continued her studies at the Hochschulübergreifenden Zentrum Tanz in Berlin. Amongst others, she has worked with and for artists such Elina Pirinen in »Personal Symphonic Moment« (2015 in Moving in November festival at Zodiak Center for New Dance) in »Concerto under Waterlilies« (2016 in Kiasma Theatre Helsinki) and in »Brume de Mer« (2018 at MDT Stockholm), Przemek Kaminski in »Softspot« (2018 Polish Institute in Berlin) and with Miriam Kongstad in »Worker’s Choice« (2017 Tanztage Berlin). Most recently Suvi’s work has centered around two topics of interest: hope and masochism.

»The past« (Else Tunemyr & Liina Magnea)
Else Tunemyr (b. 1984 Sweden) lives in Berlin, Germany. She engages in different collaborations, sometimes as a dancer and sometimes as a maker, often without a clear division. In »The past« she has collaborated with the singer Liina Magnea (b.1991 Germany) who studied fine art in Finland and Holland before continuing her education in dance and performance in Berlin.

Running time: approx. 3:00 hours with 2 intermissions and a joint dinner.
In English.

Concept, artistic direction Björn Pätz, Sandra Umathum Dramaturgy Maxi Wallenhorst, Joshua Wicke

A production by Björn Pätz and Sandra Umathum in cooperation with Ballhaus Ost. Funded by Hauptstadtkulturfonds.

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