Fan Fic 9 –
Dream Baby Dream

Video installation, running throughout the entire festival
Concert performance, March 17, 2019, 9.00 pm

Day ticket: 15 | 10 Euros
Festival pass for all 4 days: 40 | 25 Euros


Festival overview


Berlin based musicians Dirk Dresselhaus and Christopher Uhe put on the musical skin of Alan Vega’s and Martin Rev’s Suicide to perform the hits of their own band Locust Fudge, giving themselves the pleasure of being covered by one of the most important bands of all time. As a fictional element, they put an add-on to their self-embodied Gods with the percussionist Chikara Aoshima, who shares his Japanese hometown Hamamatsu with Martin Rev’s iconic Roland CR-78 drum machine and reincarnates himself live on stage as this same one. The familiar diversions from Locust Fudge are accompanied by the contemporary dancer Tomoko Nakasato. The days before the performance Dream Baby Dream there will be a video installation of the performance shown in the toilet at Ballhaus Ost, just to get the festival audience in the right mood for the concert.

Locust Fudge was founded in 1991 by Schneider (Dirk Dresselhaus a.k.a. Schneider TM, Hip Young Things) and Krite (a.k.a. Christopher Uhe, ex-Sharon Stoned, Speed Niggs), to play acoustic versions of songs with their current bands. Over several concerts and a couple of albums the project developed into some kind of experimental home recording pop project until 1997. After a longer break they put together the new album »Oscillation« with the drummer Chikara Aoshima in 2017. In Dream Baby Dream Locust Fudge work with the contemporary dancer Tomato Nakasato from Hokkaido for the first time.

by and with Chikara Aoshima, Dirk Dresselhaus, Tomoko Nakasato, Christopher Uhe

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