Family of the Year (2020)


© Anna Tiessen


Paula, Marina and Ronald start a family: Paula gets pregnant by Ronald and Marina will adopt the child. Everything goes well until Paula’s mother disappears. To find out why the mother left them, the relatives are forced to question themselves and their understanding of family. The joint search begins with the mother’s last note: »Let there be a man, / let there be the woman, / let there be the longing for unconditional love and the desire for the child who has the mission to complete this love. / Let there be a house / Let there be truth.«
The documentary music theatre Family of the Year (2020) by cmd+c is performed by a real family. Together they reconstruct the past events and in the process encounter unspoken secrets and unresolved conflicts, as well as restrictive models of family and motherhood, legal implications of co-parenting and general problems with patriarchy.

cmd+c are Marina Prados and Paula Knüpling. Their work, which can be described as transarts, combines documentary, multimedia and poetic elements and thrives on in-depth research and contemporary dramaturgies. They work with a focus on social and queer issues and the exchange with their environment to inspire the audience to new perspectives and draw a picture of their world. In their work, they consider all members as researchers, authors and performers and try to create equality among all areas of work. If possible, they work with a diverse team, as they attach great importance to the diversity of each member’s ideas and thus often gain perspective and clarity. After »Should I Stay or Should I Stay« (Volksbühne, 2019) and »Single lives as Single wants« (Schaubude Berlin, 2019) Family of the Year (2020) was also created that way. It is their first work in Ballhaus Ost.

Running time: ca. 70 min.
Mainly in German.

by and with Ronald Berger, Paula Knüpling, Friederike Knüpling, Celine Meral, Marina Prados, Volker Sobottke, Marcel Stoll, Anja Zhang Direction Paula Knüpling, Marina Prados Dramaturgy Leonie Jenning Music Sara Vidal Video, technical direction Paula Knüpling Light Marina Prados Production management ehrliche arbeit – freies Kulturbüro Assistance Lena Böllinger Internship Sarah Kailuweit, Anna-Sophie Brandsborg

A production by cmd+c in cooperation with Ballhaus Ost. Funded by the Berlin Senate Department for Culture and Europe and the District Office Pankow of Berlin, Office for Advanced Education and Culture – Department of Art and Culture. Kindly supported by Theaterhaus Berlin Mitte and the Archive of the Gay Museum Berlin.

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