Old Masters

September 27 | 28 | 29, 2018


In Fresque, two middle-aged individuals stand facing a module. They are Charlotte and Linus. Two friends, two lovers, two siblings? No matter; they spend time together, take turns visiting one another, work on their creations, ask one another questions, write one another letters, love one another and make one another want to throw up. And if the construction takes months, then the resulting work is really something. It sometimes evolves into a direction suggested by friends and becomes covered in trees. Now and then there are crises, but they are short-lived or recurring so let’s work it out, let’s work it out, let’s work it out like we do with a costumes or dance steps.

»What distinguishes Fresque by Old Masters is the extraordinary interplay of form, aesthetics, narrative mode and the performances of Charlotte Herzig and Marius Schaffter, who come up against each other in a kind of installative arrangement.
The piece’s distorted rhythm allows the spectators to experience time quite differently from the day-to-day. The interaction of stage, sound and light puts us into a kind of trance, freeing every single one of us to immerse ourselves in our own thoughts and reveries. The powerful images produce a kind of permanent vacancy between the intimate dialogues and the unambiguous psychological reductions to the human condition. An intimate piece, full of absurd and yet cathartic humour, telling us about love that lasts until death.« (Philippe Quesne, jury statement for the selection for the Stückemarkt of the Berlin Theatertreffen 2018)

Old Masters is a young collective composed of Marius Schaffter (performer and geographer), Jérôme Stünzi (artist and stage designer) et Sarah André (stage designer and artist, aka André André). Drawn by an aesthetic of derision, they undertake to deconstruct scientific and artistic discourse by evoking beauty and truth at the table of the mundane and the insignificant, while at the same time drawing from a modest reservoir of means and skills.

Performance in French with English surtitles.

Perfomance Charlotte Herzig, Marius Schaffter Concept, set-design, text Sarah André, Charlotte Herzig, Marius Schaffter, Jérôme Stünzi Music, sound Nicholas Stücklin Light Jonas Bühler Production management Pâquis Production English translation Hélène Mateev

A Old Masters production in coproduction with Théâtre de l’Usine, Genève. Funded by Ville de Genève, Loterie Romande, Fondation Nestlé pour l’Art, Ernst Göhner Foundation, Société des Interprètes Suisses, Action intermittents, CORODIS, Pro Helvetia, République et canton de Genève.

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