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Hobby, Art, Activism – What is Fanfiction?

Fan Fic Festival

March 15, 2019, 6.00 pm

Festival overview


If Harry Potter falls in love with Ron is this dirty fan fantasy, artistic continuation or even activism? Some fans write because their narrative ideas and the hunger to read of their community are never fading. Some write because they seek comments, debate and feedback. And others write so that their queer identity is more strongly represented in the media. Thus the worlds of Harry Potter, Avengers or Star Trek continue to grow in all directions. Who owns the characters and stories? And what can fan fiction, as it is written in masses in AO3, the »Archive of our own«, achieve?
Fanfiction professionals Lisa Kuppler (editor and translator) and Kristin Flade (theater scholar), law and copyright expert Linda Kuschel and theater journalist Matthias Weigel come together to talk about the intentions, potentials and challenges of fan fiction.

Talk in German, English whisper translation possible.

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