How to Kill a Fascist – Life and death of Monika Ertl in three solos

Costa Compagnie

© Costa Compagnie

Premiere October 28, 2021
October 29 | 30, 2021
8.00 pm

15 | 10 Euros
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Is there a just tyrannicide? A justifiable militant resistance? An ethical terrorism? Costa Compagnie follows the path of Monika Ertl with cautious skepticism and questionable admiration. The daughter of Leni Riefenstahl’s cinematographer joined the Bolivian Liberation Army at the end of the 1960s and executed the officer who had Che Guevara and his successor killed. Can anti-fascism go that far? The team filmed in the Bavarian Alps, in Paris and Lyon, in La Paz and the Andes and spoke with famous Nazi hunters Serge and Beate Klarsfeld, as well as survivors of torture under Bolivia’s military dictatorship. Political convictions, justice, vengeance and the quest for power – actress Karin Enzler (Switzerland), punk musician Stéphanie Morin (France) and choreographer Maque Pereyra (Bolivia) fight their way through history to the present in three cinematic-performative solos. The Costa Compagnie from Berlin creates intermedial works that combine documentary, performative and choreographic methods and are realized in immersive performances as well as in virtual reality and film. Their work focuses on global political conflicts and upheavals and looks at those people that are otherwise often underrepresented in art, media and politics. Therefore, the group has researched and filmed in Afghanistan, Israel, Iraq, the USA, Fukushima/Japan, Mozambique, South Sudan and Lebanon, among other places.

Duration: about 90 minutes
In German, French and Spanish with English surtitles

Künstlerische Leitung, Recherche, Regie, Text Felix Meyer-Christian Co-Creation, Performance, Text Karin Enzler, Stéphanie Morin, Maque Pereyra Bühne und Kostüm Zoë Sebanyiga Recherche und Künstlerische Mitarbeit Anna Rot Künstlerische Mitarbeit Bühne Zahava Rodrigo Musik Oliver Bernet Kamera Miguel Murrieta Vásquez, Thomas Oswald, Alejandro Pereyra Doria Medina Videoschnitt Stéphanie Morin Videomapping Erik Kundt

A production of the Costa Compagnie in cooperation with Ballhaus Ost. Funded by Fonds Darstellende Künste with funds from the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media within the framework of NEUSTART KULTUR and the District Office Pankow of Berlin, Office for Further Education and Culture – Department of Art and Culture.