Léon: The Professional

Das Helmi


Léon: The Professional is a dark fairytale about love and salvation and deals with an age old battle between the light and darkness. Not since »Casablanca« has a more beautiful story been told from a modern cynic, who must question his previously held views. Love turns everything upside down and lets flowers grow out of the concrete of the urban jungle if even only for a moment.
The greatest love story of the 90’s comes uncensored as a modern puppet theatre for adults only.

Running time: 60 min.
In German.

By and with Florian Loycke, Brian Morrow, Emir Tebatebai Stage and puppet design Florian Loycke, Johanna Halasa Technique Burkart Ellinghaus

A production of Das Helmi in cooperation with Ballhaus Ost.