Liquid Ecstasy

Max Gadow | virtuellestheater

© Thomas Lenden

April 22 | 23, 2020
8.00 pm

15 | 10 Euros


Liquid Ecstasy is an allegorical performance-essay that speculates about the possibilities of returning to a primordial state of fluid equality amongst all life forms. It is an exploration of the relation between humans and the fluids that surround and perfuse them. It reveals the human’s inherited fear of water and their obsession to tame and contain it. It is a ritualistic offering to liquidity through the transformation of the self in hope of a fluid future and a devotion to oceanic feelings.
The multimedia performance exercises the ordinance of a spiritual service and taps into the realms of meditation. With little action and much space for mind-wondering it invites to linger and digress while listening to atmospheric water sounds, pounding bass drums or the seductive voice of Sasa Hara.

Max Gadow (*1989) is a freelance artist and theatremaker. After studying theatre directing at the HfS Ernst Busch in Berlin, he attended the DAS Theatre master course at the Amsterdam School of Art. In his work he focuses on the investigation of Western myths and power structures and derives performative processes from these, which then become part of the work of virtuellestheater. The formats range from spatial installations to workshops and stage productions. Pop culture, new media and technologies are regularly hybridized with canonized cultural assets in these works, and result in mostly open, hardly repeatable formats that make use of all means of art.
virtuellestheater was founded in 2015 by seven artists living in Berlin, Hamburg and Amsterdam and has been organized as a registered association since 2017. In ever new constellations and genre-transcending collaborations with others, the group finds the best conditions for subversive criticism and for artistic research beyond neoliberal Western thinking. The use of non-linear narrative forms, digital media and new technology creates speculative performance installations aiming at a good life and a better future.

Running time: 60 Minuten.
In English.

Creation Max Gadow, Sven Björn Popp Collaboration Alain Chanay | Sasa Hara, Lisa Heinrici | Baby Marcel, Hannah Müller, Emilija Juškaitė, Alina Weber, Lizzie Prentis

A production of virtuellestheater and the Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Amsterdam | DAS Theatre.

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