Máquina P.O.P.aganda


Act 1: September 11, 2021

Act 2: October 03, 2021

Upcoming performances: Act Three October 31 | Act Four December 01, 2021
5.00 pm


Adbusting against the discrimination of HIV-infected people: In four ten-hour long livestreams, the artist group GRUPO D3 CHOK3 is taking us along to their spectacular actions in Mexico City. Using propaganda techniques, they change the content of advertising posters for their own purposes and bring their messages into public space – and onto the web.

Act One: Undetectable HIV = Untransmittable HIV (September 11, 2021)
On September 11 at 10.00 am local time begins the transmission via streaming of Maquina P.O.P.aganda, with six members of GRUPO D3 CHOK3, five at the table and one in charge of filming the broadcast.
As a guest we have Alaín Pinzón, director of the civil association HIVve Libre, activist for the rights of people living with the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV); We begin with a dialogue with him about undetectability, the ability to be untransmissible, direct actions in social protest, political struggles, activism, social care, serophobia and the rejection of the criminalization of bodies living with HIV.
As the talk continues, a visual and advertising campaign is developed that focuses on eradicating the criminalization of people living with the HI virus, as well as sensitizing and bringing people closer to issues related to HIV: the undetectability and the null transfer capacity of the virus when a person reaches the state of undetectable, after the correct follow-up of their antiretroviral treatment ART.
Four stencils are made with the slogan Undetectable = Untransmittable, accompanied by pop icons. The stencils are stolen advertising posters, obtained from public and advertising urban furniture, intervened and resignified.
We hear a sound intervention with the phrase »HIV is not a crime«. With spray paint the campaign begins to be reproduced.
We continue a day of eight continuous hours in the Máquina P.O.P.aganda, which demands time and production, in an environment toxic by the gases of the paint, the heat increases as the hours go by, the work uniform is a prison of the senses, reduces vision, audio and movement, this machine takes our breath away. The reproduction of the posters ends, the transfer of the pop icons is achieved; the satisfied machine rips the feeling of life from its performers. It’s time to turn off Máquina P.O.P.aganda ACT ONE.

Máquina P.O.P.aganda is part of It’s about time, Ballhaus Ost’s new online durational festival.

Duration: each Livestream about 10 hours
Performance mostly without language. Partly in Spanish and English

D3 CHOK3 Director Orgy Punk Participants from VIHVE LIBRE Alain Pinzón, Daniel Sairt Cruz Barrón, Luis Daniel Perez Gonzalez D3 CHOK3 Gaba Lopez Gomez, Aderly Antonio Enriquez Luna, Miguel Montoya Casasola, Jhonatan David Martinez Orozco, Luis Matus, Patrick Trigoso Murillo Staff Esperanza Virginia Balderas Moreno, Dani Solares, José Aarón Garcia Espadas, Yeshua David Hinojosa Romero, Monserrath Carbajal Mérida

It’s about time is a Ballhaus Ost production. Funded by Hauptstadtkulturfonds.

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