ME TIME! – A social convention

Oliver Roth

© Nelly Rodriguez

February 14 | 15 | 16, 2019


Oliver Roth and his team are making a gift, they are giving you ME TIME! You’re invited to celebrate birthday differently than sitting on a table and cheering to one person only – it’s a unique experience of togetherness. This celebration is for everyone and is becoming a festivity of being alive and of a time for yourself. The performers are starting from you, they believe in you and in the momentum of a group. The audience experiences the hidden power of nothingness, the productivity of daydreaming, the subversive of wasting time and the political of loitering. Some things are prepared, gifts maybe, a small party; out of this a situation is sculpted, that is different every evening. In this bubbly space no_one must do anything they don’t want, here it’s possible to question conventions fundamentally. ME TIME! is a dive into your body, into the here and now – a beautiful time of evanescence.

German | English | Language no problem.

by Oliver Roth in collaboration with Thomas Giger, Cosima Grand, Silja Gruner, Fanny Heier, Demian Jakob, Valentine Paley, Martin Schick, Miriam Coretta Schulte

A production of Big Time Production in coproduction with Tanzhaus Zürich, Zürich Tanzt, ROXY Birsfelden and Südpol Luzern. Funded by the Culture Department of the Canton of Zurich, Dance & Theatre Committee BS/BL, Swiss Arts Foundation Pro Helvetia, Fondation Nestlé pour l’Art, Swiss Interpreters Foundation SIS and Ruth and Paul Wallach Foundation. With the support of PREMIO – New Talent Award for Theatre and Dance, Ernst Göhner Foundation, Migros Kulturprozent and the Cultural Department of the City of Vevey.