My name’s Tomas Gonzalez and we have 60 min.

Tomas Gonzalez | K7 Productions

© Peter Empl

February 07 | 08, 2019
March 15, 2019, 11pm, as part of Fan Fic Festival


My name’s Tomas Gonzalez and we have 60 min. is a dive into a universe at the crossroads between 80’s pop music, stories of small-town crooners, divas‘ confessions and our intimate desires for fame and escape.
In this autofictitious work, Tomas Gonzalez is the vector of his own story and of the ones of the singers he met, whether famous or not. He channels his female idols, their gestures and their scenic personas to better deconstruct the way stardom and emotion are manufactured, before taking the spectators to the stage.
The performance, which is participative, takes the form of a karaoke session that exorcises reality on popular tunes by Shirley Bassey, Nena, Tina Turner or Bonnie Tyler before ending with a dancing party.

K7 Productions was created in 2011 by Tomas Gonzalez, who is currently its co-artistic director with director Igor Cardellini. The company’s approach is based on stage writing that reflects on performativity and representation. The company questions theatrical devices, uses them to shake the audience’s gaze and to keep them active. Since My name’s Tomas, K7 Productions has produced 3 other shows that are currently touring accross Switzerland, Belgium, France and Germany, namely »Blockbuster«, »O.V.N.I.« and »Self-help«.

Performance in English.

by and with Tomas Gonzalez Artistic and Writing collaboration Igor Cardellini Feedback Camille Luscher Technical Support Nidea Henriques Administration Désirée Domig

A production by K7 Productions in coproduction with Les Urbaines Lausanne. Funded by La Ville de Lausanne and Corodis (Commission Romande de Diffusion de spectacles).

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