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November 04 | 05, 2017


To be in shape is the norm. Bestselling fitness apps such as »Freeletics« and »Runtastic« promise muscle development including a comprehensive sense of pleasure. In the temples of self-improvement, fitness and self-care the social aspect is obvious: There is show, imitation, visual likes are awarded, there is dissing and contacting followed by posting, more comparing, followed by more likes and dissing – instagramization. It is no longer only females whose bodies have become objects of culture. Especially young heterosexual and homosexual men have discovered body-shaming. Thus the question is again raised, what is considered to be manly and what, on the other hand, is too skinny – boyish, weak, effeminate. Let’s work it out boys: Hypermasculinity

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Performance Tulga Sahin, Philipp Staschull and the Munich Boys‘ Choir Choir conduction Ralf Ludewig Direction Alexander Giesche Costumes Veronika Schneider Dramaturgy Benjamin von Blomberg Production management Hannah Saar Assistant director Juliane Hahn

A GIESCHEand production in cooperation with Münchener Kammerspiele. Funded by the Fonds Doppelpass of the German Federal Cultural Foundation. The performances in Berlin are funded by warehouse and the Fonds Doppelpass tour funding of the German Federal Cultural Foundation. Warehouse is a joint venture of super_filme e.V. and flatness, funded by the German Federal Cultural Foundation and the Ministry of Culture of Northrine-Westphalia.

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