Anna Aristarkhova

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May 26 | 27, 2017


A hug is a daily mutual choreography with many uncertainties. Five performers throw themselves into various forms of hugs which don’t always mean what was intended.

Instructions for friends – level of difficulty: easy:
1 Look at each other and possibly smile
2 Possibly open your arms slightly to prepare each other mentally
3 Approach each other and put your arms around each other’s neck, waist or hips*
4 Head is slightly tilted towards the left side, towards the right shoulder of the partner
5 Press yourselves to one another
6 Stop the body contact before you feel uncomfortable*
* (The position of the arms and the duration of the hug depends on the degree of friendship)

Idea, concept, choreography Anna Aristarkhova Performance, development Emma Tricard | Lulu Obermayer, Anna Fingerhuth, Grete Šmitaitė, Yuya Fujinami, Jonas Maria Dorste Light design Gretchen Blegen dramaturgy Sandra Umathum, Jan Willem Dreier, Isabel Gatzke Costume design Anna Philippa Müller, Lee Méir Photo, video Philipp Weinrich

A Anna Aristarkhova production in coproduction with Sophiensæle and Uferstudios Berlin within the framework of Life Long Burning. Supported by the cultural program of the European Union and the Berlin Senate Department for Culture and Europe. Thanks to the friends and sponsors of the German Academic Scholarship Foundation.