Potential States

Eva Nina Lampic and Beliban zu Stolberg

October 10 | 11, 2020
8.00 pm

15 | 10 Euros
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»If Kurdistan does not yet exist, do I? And if Yugoslavia is dead, am I alive?«

Three individuals, a writer, a director and an actor come together to work on a performance about Yugoslavia and Kurdistan.
As they try to collaborate on the project, it becomes evident that each of them follows their own agenda. Now they are faced with the obstacles of navigating their differences of personalities, political opinions and their approaches to theatre. Will the performers be able to work together, regardless of their different trajectories and interests?
Can you care about a fight that is not your own? Can you make your voice be heard while giving space to others? Can you connect to one another, regardless of differences? Is connection even possible or is collaboration a fiction?
The performance Potential States shows transnational European performance work in the making. By unfolding the variety of dynamics and circumstances that influence artwork, it reflects not only on states, borders and collective narratives but shows parallels between personal and geopolitical realities.

Beliban zu Stolberg is a screenwriter, producer and playwright and Eva Nina Lampic is a theatre director and devised performance maker. They met when they were both interns at a theatre in 2017. Through starting to compare their Slovene (ex Yugoslavian) and German-Kurdish backgrounds and experiences, they developed the performance Potential States. Lampic (in collaboration with Urška Brodar) presented a previous work, A Potential Performance, at Ballhaus Ost in 2016.

Running time: approx. 60 min
Performance in English

Concept, direction Eva Nina Lampic, Beliban zu Stolberg Devised and performed by Eva Nina Lampic, Beliban zu Stolberg, Linda Vaher (Berlin) | Barbara Kukovec (Maribor, Ljubljana) Stage design, documentation Dani Modrej Sound design Aleš Zorec Dramaturgical advisers Fabian Löwenbrück Production Nika Bezeljak, Barbara Pocek, Tina Pfurr Production management ehrliche arbeit – freies Kulturbüro Thanks to Jerko Bakotin, Boris Buden, Gülistan Gübrey, Gal Kirn, Erik Valencic, Mitja Velikonja

A production by Eva Nina Lampic and Beliban zu Stolberg in cooperation with Moment (Slovenia), Glej Theater (Slovenia) and Ballhaus Ost. Funded by Szenenwechsel, a program of the Robert Bosch Foundation the International Theater Institute (ITI).