Shutdown Specials #2: Family of the Year (2020) goes Instagram Live


April 04, 2020 and


Paula, Marina and Ronald want to start a family: Paula gets pregnant by Ronald and Marina will adopt the child. Everything was going well, until social distancing began. Now Marina and Paula are sitting in one, and Ronald in another apartment. But the three still want to start a family. Is that still possible?
In an Instagram Live talk, cmd+c bridge the distance and talk to the audience about queer family experiences and the rehearsals for their performance Family of the Year (2020), which would have premiered on April 03, 2020 at Ballhaus Ost.
Are contact restrictions more challenging than narrowing models of family and motherhood, legal implications of co-parenting and general problems with patriarchy?

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In German and English.
Running time: 45 min.

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