TABLEAU – canon for four dancers

Jascha Viehstädt

© Jascha Viehstädt

May 24 | 25, 2019


By a staggered performance of the same solo, four dancers follow the instruction to imitate – a canon. The old, musical form creates a complex automation of renewal by initially still traceable, but eventually unrecognizable superimpositions of itself.
In a progressive landscape of layered movements, TABLEAU shows the canon in a current shape. Once more it invites to dive into the flow of wavelike coming and going fragments. In collaboration with the experimental multi-instrumentalist Aidan Baker and the scenographer Takaya Kobayashi, a monochrome world of moving stagnation emerges that infiltrates, manipulates and imitates – yet also leads to a strange and immediate transparency through the rhythmic recycling of its own material.

Jascha Viehstädt is a choreographer and dancer. He works in different contexts in Hamburg, Berlin, NRW, Japan and Malaysia. His work is characterized by an open approach through intense, physical states and the search for a clear, formal structure. In a close relation of choreographic and performing practice he approaches the transience of dance through concept, intuition and body.

Running time: approx. 1 h.
Language no problem.

with Julia B. Laperrière, Raymond Liew Jin Pin, Robin Rohrmann, Pauline Stöhr Concept, Choreography Jascha Viehstädt Stage, Costume design Takaya Kobayashi Musik, Komposition Aidan Baker Dramaturgy Signe Koefoed, Balz Isler

A production by Jascha Viehstädt. Supported by the Hamburg Ministry of Culture and Media and the Hamburg Cultural Foundation.