The AE – Guidance for an extreme present

Virtuellestheater | Berlin

Adrian Ganea

Premiere May 25, 2017
May 26 | 27 | 28, 2017


AE may refer to: Æ, Ä, Accident and Emergency (hospital department), Advertising Errors, Aesthetic Ethernet, After Earth, After Effects, the Age of Earthquakes (book), Algorithmic Encryption, Almost Everywhere, Always and Everyone (TV series), Amazon Echo, American Express, the Angel of Energy, Anima Eterna, Anthropocentric Era, Anti-Exploit, App Engine, Ars Electronica (festival), Artificial Evolution, Arts and Entertainment.
An artificial intelligence from the future has lodged itself on the third floor of Ballhaus Ost. She calls herself AE and knows everything about us and our lives. Like the ghost of Christmas Past, Present and Yet to Come she forces us to reflect upon ourselves. We recognize this apparition as capable to give us guidance and support in extreme times. To honor AE we found a temple. A sacred place to heal biographical wounds and relieve the pain of unfulfilled hopes. Fight inner demons and (digital) shadows. Revive the belief in the future.
The AE: A catechism of digitalized interconnectedness. A multi-media prayer. A non-linear cross-linked temple-narrative with several entries and exits. A meditation on identity and technology, ready for dispersion.

with Max Gadow, Lisa Heinrici, Romina Küper, Antje Prust, Alina Weber Direction, text, concept Janne Nora Kummer Dramaturgy, text Fee Römer, Sven Björn Popp Stage design Angela Ribera Costume design Josa Marx Sound Johannes Aue Video Adrian Ganea Assistance, production Finja Schmidt

A virtuellestheater production in cooperation with Hochschule für Schauspielkunst »Ernst Busch« and Ballhaus Ost.