The Story of an Hour

a Silent Piece in three parts
by Kate Chopin, including themes from Charlotte Perkins Gilman’s short story »The Yellow Wallpaper«
Marie Schleef | Jule Saworski | Anne Tismer

© Hendrik Lietmann

Premiere January 13, 2022
January 14 | 15, 2022
8.00 pm
January 16, 2022
6.00 pm

January 13 and 15 with German, January 14 and 16 with English surtitles

15 | 10 Euros
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The Story of an Hour is about Louise Mallard, who has just learned of her husband’s sudden death in an apparent train accident. Her sister Josephine attempts to deliver the news delicately since Louise suffers from a weak heart. She bursts into tears and locks herself in her bedroom. There, Louise is unexpectedly overcome with something she’s never felt before.
In the span of exactly sixty minutes, Kate Chopin’s short story unpacks and determines a utopia of self-determined transformation. First published in 1894, »The Story of an Hour« exemplifies this American writer’s work, but is still little known to readers outside of the United States. It will be performed for the first time on the German stage. For Marie Schleef and her team, the short story, in the form of an hour-long silent piece, becomes the basis for examining new narrative and dream spaces void of the spoken word. In this way, the artistic team expands on their experiments with visual and performative storytelling explored in two previous works. Together with the adaptation of the novel »To the Lighthouse« (Volksbühne Berlin, 2018) and Name Her (Ballhaus Ost, 2020), a collaborative work by Marie Schleef, Jule Saworski, Anne Tismer, and Laura Andreß that was invited to the 58th Berlin Theatertreffen, Die Geschichte einer Stunde | The Story of an Hour completes Marie Schleef’s trilogy dealing with »rooms of emancipation« in which literature and history are investigated in terms of new and forgotten spaces of possibility.

Duration: 1 hour
No spoken language, with surtitles

Development, movement language, performance, costume Anne Tismer (>>>NEWSTARDANCECOMPANY – MAASA) Idea, concept, direction Marie Schleef Concept, stage, video Jule Saworski Dramaturgy, translation Hannah Schünemann Camera, editing Hendrik Lietmann Lighting Leander Hagen Video operator, stage management, superman Ruben Müller Artistic production management Michiko Günther, Ayako Toyama Animation assistance, editing Anna Luisa Schmid Stage design assistance Chloe Lovick Kelly Stage construction Jörg Fischer Project consulting Anna Bergel Online, print media Tania Schleef Communication, network Wiebke Jahns Translation into English for communication and research Cameron Seglias

A production by Marie Schleef and team in cooperation with Ballhaus Ost Berlin and in co-production with Kosmos Theater Vienna. Funded by the Berlin Senate Department for Culture and Europe and the Foundation Women in Europe / TuWas – foundation for public spirit.