Urban Soul Café

Christoph Winkler

© Heiko Marquardt / frischefotos (1,3) / Gerhard Ludwig (2)

Premiere March 17 2016
March 18 | 19 | 20 2016
March 09 | 10 | 11 | 12 2017


The New Zealand hip-hop dancer Aloalii Tapu saw Pina Bausch’s piece Café Müller during his dance trainer and decided to pursue contemporary dance. As a young man of Polynesian descent, this decision was astonishing to his friends: “You are dancing like a white guy” is what they say when they see each other from time to time in their favorite place, urban soul café in Auckland. And that’s why the piece finds its beginning there and develops into a coming-of-age story where western dance history meets the traditions of the Maori.

Performance in English / Language no problem

by and with Aloalii Tapu concept Christoph Winkler tech Florian Guist production ehrliche arbeit – freies kulturbüro

A Christoph Winkler and ehrliche arbeit – freies kulturbüo production in cooperation with Ballhaus Ost
Funded by the City of Berlin – Department for Culture and Europe

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