What a thought is not

Maria Walser

© Gerhard F. Ludwig

May 26 | 27, 2017


Two disguised penguins try to understand the term of reality different. As a first step they name everything by what it is not, »this is what a thought is not“«. The animals disappear with the mission to unmask reality.
A young woman enters. She suffers of the ubiquity of meaning so she forces a broom in the role of the meaning and gets it of stage. A world without a meaning is claimed. She declares the audience as reality and herself as truth. Another young woman appears on stage and takes the role of the illusion. From now on both of them, as truth and illusion, give everything with the help of body and language to deconstruct all our agreements that we might have made with reality.
To not get blocked by the question of »what for« they decide to exclude the sense as well, personified by a chair. The aim is rather not an utopian freedom or a political radicalization but be able to think the world or one self differently and if it is just for a moment.
They deal with the rules of logic, both their own and the collective ones. To confuse the habit at its roots new logics are being constructed; The answer comes before the question, a step is made before the weight is shifted, a glas can be drunk before filled with water etc.
It is an absolute collision of theory and body inspired by the essay »The Radical Thinking« by Jean Baudrillard.

Choreography, text Maria Walser Performance Ariel Cohen, Maria Walser Dramaturgy Alida Breitag

A Maria Walser production with friendly support by Theaterhaus Mitte and Tanztage Berlin 201, Sophinesæle. Funded by the Berlin Senate Department für Culture and Europe.

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