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You think it’s important that AfD & Co do badly in the elections? You are not (yet) organized in parties? And you want to motivate other people to vote for a democratic and diverse Europe? VOTE with us!

The European elections are on June 9, 2024. As with every European election, it is to be feared that voter turnout will be low and that populist protest parties on the right will do disproportionately well across Europe. We want to change that. Studies on voter turnout show that, in addition to costly social media campaigns, direct conversations – whether at campaign stands, on doorsteps or on the street – are decisive for whether and how people vote. We therefore want to do really good election campaigning.
In small groups, we will get in touch with as many different people as possible and remind them of the importance of their vote for a democratic party of their choice. Join us and sign up for the VOTE ADVERTISING group:


3.6. from 18:00
At the ELECTION ADVERTISING CAMP there will be materials, a knowledge base for the upcoming talks and an exchange with other election campaigners. Whether you are new to getting people to vote or already experienced in political conversations and want to share your knowledge – come along!
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From 3.6.-9.6. the EUROPA DEN VIELEN action week for the 2024 European elections will take place. The focus will be on decentralized events of the various cultural institutions and actors with actions, exchange and debate formats in which the art of remaining many is in the foreground.
The entire program of the action week here:

Past Dates
  • Jun 03, 2024


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3 hours

AG Wahlwerbung (working group election advertising)

Janina Benduski, Anne Brammen, Nele Pätzold