Typographies - On the musical interpretation of writing

maulwerker performing music


Mazen Kerbaj »Learning Arabic« (2021), premiere | composition for 5 musicians (voices, objects, instruments)

Ann Noël »YOU« (1982), Version 2021, premiere | vocal composition from 405 graphics of the letter I (i)

Federico Barabino »Silencio Visual« (2011), premiere | composition for an open number of voices

Annette Schmucki »staben« (2014) | composition for three toy pianos (3 keyboard rows of 13 keys each in the same octave range) and speaking voice(s)

Gerhard Stäbler »SPEED« (1997) | composition for two groups of 3 vocalists

Laura Mello | Nicolas Wiese »Hesitation Choir« (2021), premiere | composition for dynamic-typographic score, electronics and three-part vocal ensemble

In their successful series »maulwerker performing music«, the Maulwerker present – after »Die Rache. Rachen, Mundhöhlen und andere akustische Räume« (2020), »Oberflächen« (2019), »Vokale Räume« (2018) and »Augenlieder. Körperkompositionen« (2017) – now »Typographies. On the musical interpretation of writing. Concrete Poetry & Graphic Notations«.

There are two different axes underlying this program conceptually: conceiving language as musical material and, on the other hand, treating writing as graphic notation. The compositions interpreted this evening are notated exclusively through writing, in various graphic arrangements and typefaces, which are translated by the Maulwerker into speech-musical processes. The evening opens spaces between language and music, creating synaesthetic connections of sound and image. The written images and notations are made visible to the audience during the performance through projections, partly animated as live video. In the Artists Talk following the performance on October 14, the composers will talk about their works.

The Maulwerker are a vocal ensemble, music performers, music theater makers and a collective of composers. They are specialists in the intersections of music and theater, music and language, in the interpenetration of music and space, of sound and silence. In addition to the classics of New (Vocal) Music and Experimental Music Theater – such as Schnebel, Cage and Fluxus – more recent tendencies form the focus of the work and thus the lively collaboration with contemporary composers, radio play authors, sound artists and directors, including works by the ensemble members themselves.

Past Dates
  • Oct 14, 2021
  • Oct 15, 2021


Federico Barabino, Mazen Kerbaj, Laura Mello, Nicolas Wiese, Ann Noël, Gerhard Stäbler, Annette Schmucki


Ariane Jeßulat, Henrik Kairies, Christian Kesten, Katarina Rasinski, Tilmann Walzer, Steffi Weismann

Technical direction

Steffi Weismann

Light design

Fabian Eichner


Roy Caroll


Marta Zapparoli

Production management

Vilém Wagner


A production of the Maulwerker in cooperation with Ballhaus Ost. Supported by the Initiative Neue Musik Berlin e. V.