• © Robin Alberding | Simon Vorgrimmler

  • © Robin Alberding | Simon Vorgrimmler

  • © Robin Alberding | Simon Vorgrimmler

Vor Sonnenaufgang

Sophie Blomen with Vera Moré and Max Reiniger

As part of Introducing… | Performing Arts Festival 2022

Gerhart Hauptmann’s Helene shows effects of increased alcohol consumption in her own milieu and her family, from which she is unable to break away until the tragic end.
Blomen, Moré and Reiniger question Hauptmann’s text “Vor Sonnenaufgang” and supplement it with their own and imagined experiences, so that Helene is staged in multiple perspectives and a space is created in which identities and reality are renegotiated.

Sophie Blomen, Vera Moré and Max Reiniger know each other from their studies in Hildesheim, where they worked in changing constellations on different artistic projects. Together, they question the existing theater canon in “Before Sunrise” and explore the potential of telling one’s own story in front of and with an audience.

Past Dates
  • May 28, 2022


15 | 10 Euro
Plus fees, ticketing handled by the Performing Arts Festival.


60 minutes


In German

Idea, production

Sophie Blomen

Performance, concept

Sophie Blomen, Vera Moré, Max Reiniger


Leona Koldehoff

Set and costume design

Kristina Schmidt


Coproduced with Theaterhaus Hildesheim, Schauspiel Hannover and the Institute for Media, Theater and Popular Culture of the University of Hildesheim, as part of the young talent promotion program »ComingOut«.
Funded by: Landschaftsverband Hildesheim, Heinrich Dammann Stiftung, Friedrich Stiftung, Friedrich Weinhagen Stiftung, StuPa University of Hildesheim, BürgerStiftung Hildesheim, Studentenwerk OstNiedersachsen, Regionalrat Hildesheim.
Partner: Landesverband Freier Theater in Niedersachsen e.V.