Rising Beasts

Final semester projects of Bühnenbildklasse UdK Berlin

Gathered under the title »Rising Beasts«, the final semester works of the UdK Berlin stage design class deal with the socio-political and aesthetic urgencies of our present day and create multimedia-based spatial productions. The conceptual starting point is the figure of the beast, which makes it possible to explore contemporary issues using artistic means.



»Chlorine« – Geoffrey LaRue

»Disturbing Glory« – Ins Meyer

»Synaptic Dream« – Maria Färber

17:30 »Confessions of the Dames« – Eve Beucher (30′)

19:30 »Denying the dragon« – Hyeonsu Jung (30′)

»HOLD THE LINE« – Heejin Kwon

Courtyard // Foyer // Toilet // 3rd Floor

Jo Landt
Larissa Cholewa
P. Luca Wunderlich
Pau Holtkamp
Yaoer Zeng
Naima Okoemu
Yubeen Ha
Madalena Wallenstein
David Sinha
Elena Peresvetova
Mariano Sukopp
Yeojin Na
Eunkyung Jang
Thuy Duong Nguyen
Josepha Lhuillier-Sion
Paula Katrina Krömeke
Martin Gonschorek
Sarah Hrstkova
Sofia Loose Martinez de Castro
Instagram: @audick_udk_buehnenbildklasse

Past Dates
  • Feb 16, 2024
  • Feb 17, 2024


Eintritt frei.

An event of the stage design class UdK Berlin under the direction of Janina Audick in cooperation with Ballhaus Ost.