• © Aron Lesnik

  • © Aron Lesnik

  • © Aron Lesnik

Theaterfilm-Festival: »Die Zweitbesetzung«

14’, dt.

DE, 2021


Actress Lola Mercedes Wittstamm is playing director Zeno Gries in front of the camera and presents the work that is in progress in that same moment. Through the roles of actress – director, whose power relationship constantly changes, the thematic focal points such as representation and identity, original versus adaptation become apparent. But since Lola‘s task as an actress is to be Zeno Gries, it also remains unclear whether she is not actually the director of this film.


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Past Dates
  • Jun 18, 2022


Zeno Gries


Lola Mercedes Wittstamm


Aron Lesnik


Timo Kraus, Sarai Meyron, Julia Perkuhn


Jochen Jezussek