• © Konstantin Pape

  • © Konstantin Pape

Theaterfilm-Festival: »Fallsucht«

37’, dt. with engl. ST

DE, 2021


The Film tells of a disease surrounded by the aura of mystery: epilepsy. Sacred, prophetic, sinful, unruly, possessed by demons. A primal human fear, materialized in a disease that threatens peace. It is this uncontrollable that our society seeks again and again to cope with by pushing it away or even disqualifying it as a way of life. In Fallsucht, Lara Scherpinski examines her body as an archive of family and cultural history, as a reservoir of myths and social debates about normality and otherness. She searches for the aesthetic representability of an inner state that oscillates between ecstasy and pain, between visibility and invisibility, and banishes her to a social isolation.


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Past Dates
  • Jun 18, 2022




Lara Scherpinski


Annika Schäfer


Meret Kündig


Tom Schellmann


Chiara Strickland


Paula Korneck


Konstantin Pape

Sound Design

Frank Schubert

Sound Assistence

Marc Eberhardt


Pablo Ben-Yakov

Recording Management

Joseph Cyril Stoisit

Special Thanks to Andreas Pfeiffer, Ronald Scheurich, Detlef Freier, Geo-Hwan Ju, Jan-Moritz Uhl, Jakub Wicaz
This film was realized in cooperation with the Landesarbeitsgemeinschaft Selbsthilfe Sachsen e. V.. Supported by the Techniker Krankenkasse. The production was a cooperation of the Kammerspiele Leipzig and the Akademie für Darstellende Kunst Baden-Württemberg. Supported by the Kunststiftung Baden-Württemberg, StiftungErlebnisKunst, Stadt Leipzig Kulturamt, IKK Classic and LEIPZIGSTIFTUNG. With special thanks to SHG-Epilepsie Leipzig.