Heather Frasch + Parallax | Zacarias Maia | Sophie Watzlawick + Marcello S. Busato





20:00 Premiere
Rodrigo Zorzanelli



Rodrigo Zorzanelli



20:00 Premiere
Klara Kirsch | Milena Bühring | Enrico Bordieri



Klara Kirsch | Milena Bühring | Enrico Bordieri



Klara Kirsch | Milena Bühring | Enrico Bordieri

Student & Trainee Ticketmarket

Wieder Lust auf Kultur? Dann kommt zum zweiten Studi & Azubi Ticketmarkt der Berliner Theater, Opern und Konzerthäuser im Podewil am Mittwoch, 10. April 2024 von 15 – 19 Uhr.

Labor Sonor

Heather Frasch + Parallax »Atmospheric Ghosts Lights II«
– Break-
Zacarias Maia »my homage to the new complexity«
– Break –
Sophie Watzlawick + Marcello S. Busato »Où ces limites qui nous guettent, se mettent à vaciller« 


Labor Sonor – the series for experimental music, film and performance – presents Heather Frasch with the Norwegian trio Parallax – Sophie Watzlawick’s new 16mm film with live music by Marcello Busato – and the Basel percussionist and performer Zacarias Maia.


Labor Sonor – the series for experimental music, film and performance – presents the spectrum of current experimental forms beyond genre-specific definability – from real-time music to electronics, performance, audiovisual formats, conceptual music, new composed music and experimental pop.

Bleibt ihr noch zum Essen?

April 2024 will mark the tenth anniversary of this meeting. The meals will therefore take place online in April on nine days at the original time – just ten years later. At the end, all the meals will be served one after the other on a weekend. You’ll be given a shopping list for each meal in advance – so that you can join us at the table for potato salad, König Pilsener, coffee, cake and crank cheese.
And now we ask: “Are you staying for dinner?”

Die Suche nach der Ur-Oper

Ur-Oper #13 »Iron Lady«

This morning I called Brian, and as he answered the phone, I heard a slight rattle through my broken cell phone. He was ungently awakened by my early call. “Hey Brian, would you consider us playing the search for the ur-opera ‘Iron Lady’ together on April 6?” “Oh, I don’t like her at all! And I can’t stand Meryl Streep either!” This answer came as no surprise to me, as Brian has often expressed his dislike of the politician and the actress. But it is precisely this dislike that could fit well into the original opera. This emotional and strongly political time of resistance and its effects on life are simply fitting for an Ur-opera. Together with Rahel Maria Savoldelli, Helmi will tell a story that will be very personal. Not only are we telling Brian’s life, but the feelings of the other participants will also be fully revealed. Don’t worry, it will not be a one-to-one reproduction of the film, but will only form a net that Rahel and the Helmi will jump on.


Das Helmi Puppentheater Kollektiv from Berlin has been at Ballhaus Ost since 2006. They combine many artistic languages and directions in their shows, in which the Helmi puppets and a self-written music always take leading roles.
With their series »Die Suche nach der Ur-Oper« (The Search for the Pre-Opera), they have been performing on their own small new stage at the Ballhaus Ost bar every month since January 2023. Because: What you can’t talk about because it’s somehow so big and incomprehensible, you can maybe sing about. (Emir Tebatebai) 

multiple memberships

In a solo with a Polaroid camera, Rodrigo Zorzanelli stages performative self-portraits based on personal experiences of citizenship acquisition and coming out as non-binary person. The photos mask, shine, disturb the space and the body.


Rodrigo Zorzanelli performs, writes and produces in Berlin’s independent theater and performance scene. Rodrigo’s work deals with non-binarity, feminist autofiction, invisible structures, bureaucracy and belonging. »multiple memberships« is Rodrigo’s first work at Ballhaus Ost.

Meet Your Dancestors!

Tentacular Figurings invite you to an undisciplined, r/evolutionary performance.
Join us to encounter speculative embodiments of our common queer ancestors. Leave your »sapiens« at the checkroom and Meet Your Dancestors!


Tentacular Figurings Tentacular Figurings is an exploratory, multi-disciplinary performance collective. Core team are Mika Bangemann and Eddie N. von Seckendorff. Since 2021, they have been developing ambiguous bodies beyond the human in their performances. »Meet Your Dancestors!« is their first work at Ballhaus Ost.

Fighting 4 Fear

In this multimedia performance, two female artists and two young female kickboxers examine the relationship between female fear and patriarchal dominance culture and test martial arts as a means of transforming fear into strength.


Between performance, theater and video, artists Klara Kirsch and Milena Bühring have been working as a duo and in changing constellations since 2020. For »Fighting 4 Fear«, they are collaborating for the second time with dramaturge Enrico Bordieri. It is their first piece in Ballhaus Ost.

It’s about time

A Durational Online Festival A new festival: It’s about time! It’s about time! (Es ist Zeit!) It’s finally about time! (Es geht endlich los!) It has been about time (Die Zeit war reif) since November 2020. Back then many people were supposed to come together for four days in very small spaces for very long or very short performances. But the festival went with time and transformed its essence: It moved its program into the endless time and space of the Internet and will present itself there from September 2021. Curated by Anne Brammen, Monika Gintersdorfer, Tina Pfurr and Daniel Schrader, the Durational Online Festival It’s about time will develop, present and archive artistic works by Barbara Lenartz, Club Real, Elisabeth Tambwe, Felizitas Stilleke | Smruthi Gargi Eswar, GRUPO D3 CHOK3, Markus&Markus, ONCE WE WERE ISLANDS, vorschlag:hammer, vt corp. and many more for an unpredictably long period of time. It’s about time is a tribute to durational performances that allows art to take its time. It is a festival that will last.