It’s about time

A Durational Online Festival A new festival: It’s about time! It’s about time! (Es ist Zeit!) It’s finally about time! (Es geht endlich los!) It has been about time (Die Zeit war reif) since November 2020. Back then many people were supposed to come together for four days in very small spaces for very long or very short performances. But the festival went with time and transformed its essence: It moved its program into the endless time and space of the Internet and will present itself there from September 2021. Curated by Anne Brammen, Monika Gintersdorfer, Tina Pfurr and Daniel Schrader, the Durational Online Festival It’s about time will develop, present and archive artistic works by Barbara Lenartz, Club Real, Elisabeth Tambwe, Felizitas Stilleke | Smruthi Gargi Eswar, GRUPO D3 CHOK3, Markus&Markus, ONCE WE WERE ISLANDS, vorschlag:hammer, vt corp. and many more for an unpredictably long period of time. It’s about time is a tribute to durational performances that allows art to take its time. It is a festival that will last.