Das Krippenspiel - Wie man Wärme teilen kann

What would happen if Christmas didn’t exist?
Christmas is the most beautiful celebration of the year for most people, and yet everything often happens at the last minute. Many people associate Christmas only with stress and agony: Rushing through the stores to get the necessary, increasingly expensive gifts. But in a time of frantic speed, we need things to give us pause. We need Christmas to be able to live. A wintry world celebrates the breakthrough of love and hope.
God sends his Son to earth as a little helpless child. We experience God’s closeness to humanity. He shares his life with us, knows about joy and sorrow. He gives us hope, shows us how small beginnings can grow into great things. But it came to pass at that time…”, we all know the beginning of this story and also its end, but in the meantime the world has changed.
This year again we want to celebrate a morning of joy and reflection with memories and shining children’s eyes, a classic nativity play. Together instead of lonely.

Since the performances cannot take place due to illness, the recording of last year’s Zoom Krippenspiel will be shown here on the website on 24.12. from 11:00 to 2:30.

Past Dates
  • Dec 24, 2022
  • Dec 24, 2022
  • Dec 24, 2022
  • Dec 24, 2022


Admission free. We ask for your understanding that the seating capacity is limited to 130 adults and children and no ticket reservation is possible in advance.


25 minutes



by and with

Franz Beil, Mathilde Böttcher, Pauline Böttcher, Anne Brammen, Maik Büttner, Nadja Düsterberg, Fabian Eichner, Marie Golüke, Ben Hartmann, Heinrich Horwitz, Toni Jessen, Bernd Krieger, Lilith Martini, Ingo Oberdorf, Tina Pfurr, Linda Pöppel, Christian Rodenberg, Wieland Schönfelder, Felizitas Stilleke, Leon Ullrich, Christian Valerius, Lars Zühlke