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  • © Alessandran Fochesato

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Sexy Straight White People


Play the game, but play it smarter than the Jesses out there. Be faster, fly higher, show them what you’re made of. And when you’re ready, there’s still enough room for a life without this constant charade. Because then they’ll have to listen to you.


The private sphere is political. Especially in the lives of the artists inside H&M. It is so political, in fact, that there no longer seems to be any boundaries to anything at all. Everything is art. Even the private. But above all the political. If H&M is not a fashion label, not a queer artist couple, and certainly not a representative of the hip Neukölln club culture scene, then what are they? A film whose image does not show itself. An exhibition whose context is missing. A song without artists. A piece within a piece without a piece. Along with catharsis that flushes down the toilet. Projections and fragments, assemble only in the viewers. »Sexy Straight White People« is a theatrical performance about the power of gender identities. vT.corp challenge habits of seeing, living and sex, to question the ways of life and forms of love of the heteronormative mainstream.


Hannah Müller and Max Gadow are a sexy white artist couple from Hamburg. Known as virtuellestheater since 2015 and merged into vT.corp at the beginning of 2020, they are already a well-established team at Ballhaus Ost. Most recently, they invited friends to spend time with them as part of “It’s about time”. Very close to the zeitgeist and extremely adept at transforming between the arts, their performances form hybrids of video art, performing arts, music and exhibition. In january Max Gadow will show his performance-essay »Liquid Ecstasy« at Ballhaus Ost.


  • Dec 01, 2022
Past Dates
  • Dec 01, 2022
  • Dec 02, 2022
  • Dec 03, 2022
  • Dec 04, 2022


15 | 10 Euros
For online tickets, 10% presale fee and 2,- Euro service fee are charged in addition to the basic ticket price by the provider Reservix.


70 minutes


German with english surtitles

Artistic Direction, Performance

Hannah Müller, Max Gadow


Elizabeth Prentis


Lars Paschke

Composition, Music

Johannes Aue

Compositing, 3D Simulation

Adrian Ganea


Felizitas Stilleke

Camera, Video

Alessandra Fochesato

Production management

Carolina Brinkmann, (Lea Connert)

Production assistence

Liza Root

Costumes assistence

Florian Mathé

Stage assistence

Dina Spielmann

Guest appearance

Faye Fatale

With special thanks to Paolo Pinkel and Team, Rens Woltjes.
A production by vT.corp in cooperation with Ballhaus Ost. Supported by the process funding of the Fonds Darstellende Künste with funds from the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media within the framework of NEUSTART KULTUR and by the Bezirksamt Pankow von Berlin, Amt für Weiterbildung und Kultur – Fachbereich Kunst und Kultur.