Theater Film Festival

Ballhaus Ost becomes a movie theatre and shows films that are in fact also theater. Eleven selected works get a big stage appearance after mostly being shot in lockdown and streamed in isolation. The festival guests can expect a wide mix of genres from theater and film artists: performance, dance, documentary and music, as short or feature-length films, with support from theaters or produced independently by the makers. And as with any good film festival, there is not only fresh popcorn, but also a quick Q&A after each film, a short break after two films and a fat festival party on Saturday evening. 


Friday, 17.06. at 18:00

»Keshava / Tharayil«
8’, multiling. with engl. ST
Theater: Anjali Keshava, Sumitra Keshava, Ralph Tharayil, Norwin Tharayil
Film: Michelle Ettlin

»Der DJ ist mein Vater«
100’, dt./engl./bulg. with engl. ST
Theater: BAMBI BAMBULE (Marie Jordan & Lisa Marie Stojčev)
Film: Lisa Marie Stojčev, Grigory Shklyar, Marilena Büld, Rahel Hutter

»Ori Cleanse«
49’, engl./fr./port. with engl. ST
Theater: Ricardo de Paula
Film: Zé de Paiva, Kathleen Kunath


Saturday, 18.06. at 18:00

»Die Zweitbesetzung«
14’, dt.
Theater: Zeno Gries
Film: Zeno Gries

»Brigitte Reimann besteigt den Mont Ventoux«
68’, dt.
Theater: Jan Koslowski, Marlene Kolatschny 
Film: Jan Koslowski, Marlene Kolatschny 

37’, dt. with engl. ST
Theater: schaefer||scherpinski
Film: schaefer||scherpinski

»How to get rid of a body. A video tutorial series«
50’, no language / engl.
Theater: Léonard Engel
Film: Harumi Terayama, Jubal Battisti, Léonard Engel

Followed by a fat festival party!


Sunday, 19.06. at 18:00

»Oh My Film«
12’, dt. with engl. ST
Theater: Henrike Iglesias
Film: Lara RCZ

»Arbeiterinnen / Pracujące kobiety«
73’, dt./pol. with dt./pol. ST
Theater: werkgruppe2
Film: werkgruppe2

»DOOM (The Movie)«
40’, no spoken language
Theater: Layton Lachmann, Samuel Hertz
Film: Ethan Folk 

»Autistische Spiele«
46’, dt./engl. with dt./engl. ST
Theater: Tobias Yves Zintel
Film: Tobias Yves Zintel


Day ticket 15 | 10 Euros
For online tickets, 10% VVK fee and 2,- Euro service fee are charged in addition to the basic ticket price by the provider Reservix.


Anne Brammen, Daniel Schrader, Tina Pfurr


Jutta Wangemann, Kajetan Popanda, Morgan Rapp, Phil Collins

Technical Direction

Björn Stegmann, Fabian Eichner




Daniela del Pomar | QuietCity Films (Editing), Nils Plambeck (Sound)

Media Partner

tip Berlin


A Ballhaus Ost production.