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Drag & Drum


Horwitz|Shapiro|Wagner investigate, rewrite and transform Jewish and queer rituals and create a sound space for the drag of religion between dance music and contemporary sounds. They situate traditions and histories as artistic practice and write a herstory of their own history with the political responsibility of marginalization as queer, Jewish artists.


Theater maker Heinrich Horwitz and drummer Jonathan Shapiro have been experimenting together since 2018 in changing constellations and genres at the intersections of music, performance, dance and language. After »DREAMS*« (Nürnberg 2022), »Drag & Drum« at Ballhaus Ost is their second collaborative work with performer, opera singer, songwriter and drag queen Shlomi Moto Wagner aka. Mazy Mazeltov.

Past Dates
  • Apr 14, 2023
  • Apr 15, 2023


60 minutes


English with a little Hebrew

Concept, Performance

Heinrich Horwitz, Jonathan Shapiro, Shlomi Moto Wagner


Jonathan Shapiro, Shlomi Moto Wagner


Heinrich Horwitz


Rosa Wernecke


Lina Gasenzer

Sound direction

Fine Freiberg

A production by Shapiro/Horwitz, funded by Kulturfunke*. Wiederaufname funded by Neustart Kultur / Wiederaufnahmeförderung of the Fonds Darstellende Künste.

Ballhaus Ost Mediencooperation: taz