Dirty Debut - S2#9 after life

After a long break, »Dirty Debut« is back at Ballhaus Ost. It is the last time for the time being that Dirty Debüt provides a platform for four emerging performance artists to show their sketchy, unfinished, dirty works on a specific theme or concept. After the performances and as far as hygiene regulations allow, the audience is invited for a drink or dinner with a toast to the artists. »Dirty Debut« #9 will take place at Ballhaus Ost on December 18; the theme is »after life«.

Unlike in dance or acting, there is no university context in Berlin where performance makers can accompany and learn from each other from the very beginning of their careers. Most of them come here only after graduation, and many find it difficult to establish contacts outside their existing circles for years. Björn Pätz and Sandra Umathum therefore launched »Dirty Debut« in 2018 to increase the visibility of emerging performing artists as well as to reflect the spectrum of the performance landscape and to bring them together on one stage. In addition, »Dirty Debut« aims to facilitate an exchange about the presented works that leaves behind the usual logics of judging and criticizing.

Interested artists apply with a project proposal. For each edition of »Dirty Debut«, a jury then selects four submissions whose artistic approach and qualitative standards are considered independent and promising. The invited performance makers receive a small budget for the production, a minimal stage design as well as for materials and transport.

with works by

Johanna Ackva, Nagao Akemi, Evelyn Saylor | an*dre Neely & Moa Johansson | Marga Alfeirão with Myriam Lucas | jules_


Björn Pätz, Sandra Umathum

Supervision, production

Björn Pätz


Maxi Wallenhorst, Joshua Wicke


A production by Björn Pätz and Sandra Umathum in cooperation with Ballhaus Ost. Funded by Hauptstadtkulturfonds.